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Slipery Dips and more

wave slide

Plastic HDPE slide out of one piece, with positioning edge for correct placement at the platform. To be fixated with counter­sunk screws diameter 5 or 6 mm (not included). Width at the top: 500 mm.

Available in 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m.s
$350 (1m)
$400 (1.2m)
$450 (1.5m)



Periscope in HDPE plastic with 2 built-in mirrors (global dimensions 400 x 60 mm). Supplied in a plastic bag with connection piece and 4 woodscrews 3 x 15 mm.

400 x 60 mm.


plastic handgrip set

plastic handgrip set

Set of two injection moulded HDPE handgrips; delivered with galvanised hexagon head wood screws (6 x 40 mm), washers and bolt covers. Delivered as set in plastic bag. Length: 250 or 330 mm.

250 x 75 mm / 330 x 70 mm.


steering wheel

steering wheel

Integral plastic steering wheel (diameter 300 mm) delivered as set in plastic bag. Including hexagonal head woodscrew diameter 10 x 60 mm, washer and bolt cover.

D.300 mm.




Plastic telescope (length 305 mm), without lens; revolving in all directions. Delivered per set in plastic bag with two fixation systems and 4 hexagonal woodscrews diameter 3 x 40 mm.

Colour Combinations: Green/Green, Yellow/Blue & Blue/Yellow.

305 x 105 x 95 mm.

Sand Pit Boards

sand pit boards (1.8m x 1.8m)